Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good Wednesday to you all.  Cloudy today after a night of thunderstorms and heavy rain.  Yesterday was hot.  We touched 90 again.  I think the weather people said we need only one more such day to tie the record for the most 90s in a year.  We may get that today.  We are busy house cleaning and rearranging.  We took Kuma to the vet yesterday afternoon.  He went nicely and quietly like the gentleman he has always been.  Now on to other things before I start bawling---again.

Gene Logsdon at The Contrary Farmer has some interesting things to say about a growing problem in agriculture.  No, it's not the drought.  Rather it is herbicide resistant (especially Round Up resistant) weeds, especially pig weed.  I don't know why otherwise smart scientist don't understand that plants are as adaptable as insect or animal pests.

My first thought reading this Nick Turse piese in Tomdispatch was:  have these boys learned nothing from VietNam????  And, IM(not so)HO, we have accomplished about as much in Afghanistan and Iraq as we did in VietNam

So Todd Akin thinks women's bodies have a way of shutting down a pregnancy if the rape is 'legitimate?'  No further comment necessary except to say at least one rapist got what he deserved.

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Kay Dennison said...

Hot as hell in Ohio, too.

I've asked the same question about these idiot wars, too. No one ever has an answer except an old friend who served in 'Nam -- he said "no".

Don't even start me on Todd Akin . . . Then again, I suspect that he's committed political suicide.

It gets crazier every day in this country. Sigh.