Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hi, Everybody.   Beautifully cool and sunny this morning.  We have already done some cleaning and are now taking a break.  I want to bring my variegated marjoram and rosemary inside now.  The temperature last night went down to mid-50s and they expect lower over the next week.  I haven't found pots I like to put them in over the winter.  I have some peppers to harvest and am kicking myself because I left about six of them too long.  It has been a strange year for the gardens and a strangely unsatisfying one.  On that last, I am not sure why I feel so dissatisfied.  I got a surprisingly good yield out of my tiny patches.  I will have to think about that a bit.  Let's see what is on the 'net.

NBC News posted this assessment of the employment situation this morning.  It is surprisingly accurate and John Schoen says something that few economic reporters (and no politicians) will say out loud: the government can't control job growth no matter who is in the White House.  And I suspect that even if   the economy picks up we will be talking about another 'jobless recovery.'  I don't really expect any real recovery any times soon.  The number crunchers may give us good news but the numbers won't really mean much.  Note that the job creation numbers for the last two months were revised down by 41k.  Also take a look at the number of manufacturing jobs, government jobs, and temporary jobs lost.  Does anyone besides me remember earlier this year when all the pundits were ecstatic over the increasing numbers of temporary jobs because, they assured us, that meant that employers would soon have to hire permanent, full time workers?  Didn't happen.

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