Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi, everyone.  It is early right now but I may not post this until late today.  We have errands planned that will keep us busy most of the morning and early afternoon.  I did get the herbs harvested and in the dryer but I won't get them in the jars until tomorrow.  I will have to run the dehydrator a bit more before I do.  We had frost warnings out for the entire area but, as far as I can see, we didn't get any.  I hope that holds for a good while more.  I still have kale and cabbage I would like to mature enough to harvest.  But this might be one of those years when we have early freezes.  Blast and damn!!  I still have spearmint, thyme and variegated marjoram to transplant.  The last will come in for the winter.  The thyme I know is hardy enough for the winter and the spearmint is supposed to be.  But the clean-up season is definitely here.

Every now and then I find a commentator who writes a piece that reflects some of what I have been thinking for a while.  Robert Samuelson does that in his op-ed for the Washington Post.  As with anything that is stretched to mean all things to all people, the notion of "the American Dream" is just about meaningless.  It really does need to be given a rest so we can get on with meaningful politics.

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