Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Good Tuesday morning, Everyone.  A little warmer today than yesterday--low 50s as opposed to low 40s.  It looks a bit cloudy but I don't think the weather people predicted much, if any, rain for our area.  After the sun comes up, or the clouds move off, I will check on the plants still in the gardens.  The patchouli looked a bit unhappy with the cold.  I think several other plants need water and I still have a few cuttings to transplant.  I don't think any of my sage cuttings will make it.  The remaining two (of three) aren't all that healthy.  I am not sure about the lavender yet.

Richard Cohen asks a good question:  where are the 'brains' in the Republican party?  But then, thanks to our (s)news media the focus on personality and catchy, but meaningless, gotcha sound bites we have a election race largely devoid of serious discussion of ideas.  Perhaps we should rephrase the question:  where are America's brains?  But the Repthuglicans may not need brains if they can purge the voter rolls of people who usually support Democrats--Hispanics, Blacks, the elderly.  As Eugene Robinson notes that is the real purpose behind the stringent voter ID laws that have been pushed in several states since 2010.

Or perhaps they are hoping that no one will notice shit like this.  In case you can't hear the video well, the cute little b--- claims she is working for the county clerks office registering eligible voters but that she is only registering Romney voters.  Can you spell 'fraud,' 'misrepresentation,' and 'illegal?'

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Looking to the Stars said...

The only way the republicans can win this thing is by fraud. Yikes!

Always love reading about your garden :)