Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good morning, Everyone.  Supposed to be in the high 80s with sun today.  The rest of the week through the weekend won't get out of the 70s which is fine with me.  I did get busy in the gardens yesterday.  Harvested and dried patchouli, tarragon, and stevia.  I pulled the tarragon plant and the savory.  I won't be planting those next year we don't use enough of them to devote the space to them.  I have begun moving the hardy plants into their winter positions starting with the pineapple sage and the tansy.  I found out when I moved the tansy that putting the plant in a smaller container in the bed would contain it.  Only if I don't put any drain holes in the containment pot.  I found little roots coming out of the small holes I put in with an ice pick.  I will just have to keep after the plants to prevent them from taking over.  My oregano and mints need to be cut and dried and all my cuttings should be transplanted soon.  Well, the cooler weather coming should be good for doing that work.

The news this morning carried accounts of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the murder of the U.S. Ambassador.  We saw pieces on both ABC morning news (local), ABC Good Morning, America, and CNN.  And I read this piece on Al Jazeera as well.  The only facts the accounts agree on is that the Ambassador is dead and that some film supposedly made in the U.S. has sparked the violence.  From all the accounts, except CNN's, one would get the impression that the mere fact that the film portrayed the Prophet Mohammad was enough to set off the crowds.  But the CNN account hints at something more, something definitely insulting:  a portrayal of the Prophet as a womanizer, pedophile, and homosexual.  I wonder how Christians would feel if Christ were so portrayed.  I noticed that the Al Jazeera account identifies the film's maker as an Israeli, who has now gone into hiding, while a 'violently anti-Muslim Christian' backer was distributing and showing the film.  The Israeli connection is interesting.

NPR posted this on the issue--a piece derived from a phone interview with the film maker.  My opinion--he is a piece of shit who deliberately produced an inflammatory bit of propaganda knowing the kind of reaction it would elicit.  I consider him a self-confessed murderer who unfortunately can't be prosecuted.  He is as guilty as the asshole who yells 'fire!' in a crowded theater and wonders why someone gets trampled to death.  By the way, he isn't (as he claims) 'fighting with ideas.'  He is spewing out ad hominem attacks--attacks on a person not on his ideas.

This NBC article on it is also interesting.  I wonder how many plots within plots are circulating about this pathetic little piece of political crap.  An obscure 2011 film gains sudden notariety after being dubbed into Egyptian Arabic for use by militant Egyptians for use against the Coptic minority in Egypt.  How many devious people are using it for what purposes?

This is interesting because our media is still reporting that GoDaddy was brought down by a denial of service attack possibly orchestrated by Anonymous (who has denied involvement).  The company says its problems were purely internal and technical not the result of hacking.

This sounds so familiar.  Damn, why can't we drive a stake into these vampires!!

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