Friday, September 7, 2012

Hope you all are having a nice Friday.  We expect rain today so we will continue our house cleaning.  We have to take a trunkful of useful (for someone else) items to Goodwill and will do our grocery shopping today since the rain will keep our doors and windows closed.  Mom wants to scrub down the front doors inside and out--but not if it is raining.

I didn't find much of interest on the internet--in between our serious cleaning and rearrangement of the kitchen.  Let's see what I find today.

I agree, Kay.  Things do seem to be increasingly crazy--politically, socially, economically.  I only hope Todd Akin has committed political suicide.  Unfortunately, I seem to remember that he has recently received some help from Mike Huckabee who has described the contest in Missouri in almost apocalyptic and definitely Biblical terms.  I wish those invertebrates would crawl back under their rocks and leave the rest of us alone.

I love the term 'gottcha economy.'  I think it describes what we have and it is not what we deserve.  If there isn't a special place in hell for people like this and this, there should be.  These people (and the Mitt Romney's of the world) are the ones with the real sense of entitlement--not those of us who expect promises made to us over our lifetimes should be honored.

Yesterday I read a very accurate description of Romney--'ambitious sociopath only interested in his own benefit.'  If I find the blog I will provide a link.  This Rolling Stone article supports that assessment.  Does Romney have any real achievements?  Besides amassing a whole lot of money he wouldn't have had without government bailouts?

Well, I guess we know where some of the oil went that mysteriously disappeared after the BP Deepwater Horizon spill.

Having just taken a trunk load of 'stuff' to Goodwill, I can definitely relate to Charles Hugh Smith's post today.  We aren't interested in acquiring more stuff.  We have been in de-acquisition mode for the last 12 years.  Both of us shed a lot of stuff when we moved in together.  As time has gone on we have reassessed what we have (will we use it, how soon, how often, does it do what we want it to do) and getting rid of what no longer suits our life.  We have acquired some new stuff--dehydrator, a water bath canner, a large stock pot, TV, blu-ray player, convection/microwave.  Things we use almost daily or at least seasonally.

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