Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good day, again, Everyone.  Supposed to be sunny and warm through most of the day but with possible thunderstorms this evening and tonight.  I have a bit of work planned in the gardens today.  Two types of peppers, both savory, the patchouli need transplanting, and the lemon balm definitely needs a new home.  Glad your irises are doing well, Kay.  Hopefully, some of our nice weather goes your way.

Well, the case of the News Corp phone hacking is finally moving into the criminal arena for the executives.  Good!  Now I hope they get the Murdocks in criminal court also.

I have noticed for some time now that many of Europe's leaders love democracy until 'the people' don't vote the way they want.  The Greek president has suggested that the three dominant parties (thanks to the last election) agree on another 'technocratic' government.  Translation--he wants someone who isn't responsible to the voters to enact more 'austerity' measures so the government can continue to get the dribbles of money that allows certain creditors to be paid.  That means more unemployment, lower revenues and a greater likelihood that future debt targets won't be met leading to further demands for more austerity amid finger pointing recriminations for the 'Greek failure.'  I am glad the left wing parties have rejected the proposal.  You either have democracy or you don't.

The Greeks will have a new election in mid-June.  The suggestion of a technocratic government fell flat so, instead, a care-taker government will take care of things until the new elections.

I love these two cartoons on NPR this morning.  Says it all.

I have drank Guiness on rare occasions but I don't think I will in the future--for the same reason I don't drink Coors: the company wouldn't recognize morals if they were bitten in the posterior by them.  Just when I think I can't possibly come across a more arrogant, stupid, asinine bit of corporate misbehavior a new example comes to light.

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Kay Dennison said...

Did you see the "unfit to lead" graphic of Murdoch on my blog?

Greece just gets crazier. We have a lot of Greeks here and they've been helping family members over here for decades and I understand why.

Loved the cartoons!!!

I never liked Guiness but Bailey's used to be my fav liquer but I guess it's off my list. I don't knowingly do business with dishonorable people if I can avoid it.