Friday, May 4, 2012

Good morning to you all on this wet Friday.  We had rain overnight but thankfully none of the extremes that other areas got.  Hopefully the clouds will move out and the gardens will dry out.  I got my vine peach, lemon squash, a couple of tomatoes, the marigolds, pyrethrum, tansy, and marjoram transplanted into the gardens.  Most of the time I spent arranging and re-arranging the pots.  I told Mom to remind me that I am not to acquire any more pots.  I still have to start the poppies, love-in-a-mist and a couple of other flowers.  I will post some new pictures soon.

Kay (Kay's Thinking Cap) and Rain (Rainy Day Thoughts) both posted the link to Steven King's piece at the Daily Beast.  I debated linking but decided I would.  It deserves wide circulation.  His comment on 'responsibility'  and the notion that all of us need to shoulder the responsibility of paying for our collective endeavors--like education, infrastructure, security, pollution control and remediation.  A good many years ago I remember stories about the tussle between Joan Baez and the IRS when she refused to pay the part of her taxes that went to paying for Viet Nam.  I respected her opposition to the war and I respected her willingness to take the consequences for her protest.  But I also recognized that it was some what irresponsible.  Whether we liked it or not, the war was (as, much to my sorrow, are our operations in Afghanistan and Iraq and other places) a collective effort to which our elected leaders (stupid though they may have been at the time) committed us.  Once upon a much longer time ago some one was asked about paying taxes to a hated government and he asked whose image was on the coin.  "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God that which is God's.'  But that notion isn't very popular in a world where economics has become nearly synonymous with religion.

I saw this item and simply couldn't pass without a comment.  So dear Mitt thinks that our economy should be churning out 500k jobs a month instead of the paltry 120k or so the horrible Obama policies have managed.  I couldn't remember a single month that matched his notion of what should be happening.  I have seen the stats presented in commentary on his claims--only 16 months since 1939 when such stratospheric heights were reached and none of them under Bush, Jr.  And only 3 months (by my count) in the last 11 years when the economy created more than 300k.  Mom's comment when I read her this?  He is full of hot air and pulling figures out of his ass.  My retort?  Yeah, he farts more than we do and from the wrong end.

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Kay Dennison said...

Looks like your rain is imminent here! And I welcome it because my irises will bloom!!!! I already have some ready to pop!!!!

I'm glad you liked the King widget and I agree with you on 'Caesar' -- it's right on!!!

Mitt has a nodding acquaintance with reality. And I love your Mom -- both of you got it right!!!