Friday, May 25, 2012

Good morning, Everyone, on a cooler Friday with the diminishing hope for rain.  We have a couple of errands to run a bit later so I am not sure how much of the internet I will get through.  And I don't know how much time we will actually get because of the intermittent outages we have been experiencing.  Yesterday we had no service between 12pm and 5.  Mom is still checking other service providers but that is a slog.  They have so many different conditions and limitations that reading their promos is almost as bad a reading a legal document.  If we got a coherent explanation of exactly why the service has been so crappy we wouldn't be so disgruntled.  Oh, well, on to something else.

I have seen a couple of other articles on weavings done with golden orb spider silk over the last year.

I read this on Alternet (linked by another blogger I read frequently).  There are times when we should be very skeptical about the 'benefits' of technology and we should always remember that the primary purpose of corporations is to separate us from our money (individually or collectively) NOW and hang the consequences down the line.

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