Monday, May 28, 2012

Good morning on this Memorial weekend Sunday.  I just put up Saturday's post.  Once again our internet connections were out from about 1pm yesterday.  I don't know when it came back because I shut down the modem and router just before 7pm.  We didn't even try the cable TV so I don't know how it was (or was not) working.  I am not sure what has been going on with it because Mom couldn't get into her on-line pharmacy and the bank site was very slow.  I hope things get straightened out soon.  It has been much too long as it is.

I don't have any gardening chores today.  And everything is doing very nicely.

Hello, again, on this very warm Memorial Day.  As you can see I didn't post yesterday.  We, again, lost our internet.  Mom called after we got home from my sister's cookout and we have an appointment for tomorrow.  We'll see.

The cookout was nice.  We got to see all the grand- and great-grandkids.  Unfortunately it was way too hot.  Most of the time I don't really feel any age--calendar or otherwise.  But, with the heat yesterday, I felt my calendar age plus 20.  The patio thermometer read 98 when we came home and the official temperature in Chicago was 97 last I heard; it may have gone up a degree after that.

I have almost finished the watering outside.  I watered everything well yesterday so all the plants are looking very good.  The spinach and lettuce I started last week are poking their little leaves above the soil.  I need to start some more Wednesday in the greenhouse.  I have been leaving the front flap open because it gets so hot so fast and the overnight temperatures are not anywhere near low enough to threaten the plants inside.  I also won't use the top shelf for anything except starting new lettuce and spinach.  I noticed  the lavender, orange mint, one of the spearmints and one of the lemon balms need to be harvested--probably Wednesday also.

Welcome back, Kay.  Glad you stopped by.  Having stopped by your blog I know life has become more lifelike for you.  Hope things settle down soon.  I don't know when, or if, I will try the bottle/pot towers.  I have just about all of the space I can cover already covered with containers.  I am thinking about odd corners I might be able to squeeze something else into, just for the heck of it.  You may be sure that when I try my version of the technique I will tell everyone how it works out.  I am so thoroughly disgusted with the non-news mainstream media that I have taken to ignoring them as much as possible.  He said/he said from the pundit drama queens doesn't cut it.  I was shocked yesterday as we drove over to Sister's.  I thought we have been dry but they already have browning lawns.  Our grass is just now browning at the edges.  The weather people say we might get some rain overnight but I won't hold my breath.  The weather reporter on TV this morning gave the prediction but wasn't hopeful that we would get more than hit-or-miss thunder storms.

Wise Father at ragingwisdom has some very appropriate thoughts about Memorial Day and the respect we ought to render to those who died in the service of this country.  I totally agree that the dead deserve our respect no matter what we think of the conflicts in which they died and the greatest respect we can show is to make sure that there are fewer of them to honor in the future and fewer 'wars of choice' to create them.

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