Friday, May 11, 2012

Good morning to everyone.  It is cool again (40F) but sunny.  I got the impatiens planted in their planter, started some more vine peaches (the first batch are struggling) and more cucumbers, planted some love-in-a-mist, sank the pot of tansy in one of the large containers and put a hot cap on it, trimmed the rosemary and lavender a bit and watered everything.  I am thinking of sinking the pots of peppers and sunflowers into their places in the containers.  We'll see.  I also need to harvest some of the spinach because we are going to have spinach/mushroom/cheese omelets for supper tonight.  The roses are blooming prolifically.  I still need to fertilize.  I had to open the greenhouse--the temperature inside was already over 90F.

On to the internet.  Does this seem like deja vu to you?  It certainly does to me.  Too-big-to-fail is still failing and the banksters have learned nothing from the melt down of 2008-9.  Except that Uncle Sugar-daddy bail them out.

I love Bernie Sanders.  We are not at 'capitalist' country.  While touting the supposed virtues of capitalism, which they have never exercised themselves, most of our big industries and companies are viable only as long as they can feed at the public trough.  I don't expect the End Polluter Welfare Act to go anywhere--the industry has bought too many legislators--but I am glad two introduced it.  I would like to see them reintroduce every time some Repthuglican proposes saving money by cutting 'entitlements' and other such spending.

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