Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Wednesday to you all.  As you can tell with the date stamp on my last post, we are still having problems with our cable and internet.  The internet service went off about 1pm yesterday and was still out when I turned off the unit about 5pm.  I don't know what has been the problem but I am more than a little frustrated.  Well, I did get some other things done:  six trays of lemon balm dried, roses and tomatoes trimmed, some additional supports put with the tomatoes.  And some stitching on the table cloth.

Today I need to harvest and dry the spearmint and I need to cultivate around some of the plants.  I should also mix some more soil/vermiculite and raise the levels in some of the pots.  And I need to start some more lettuce and spinach.  See how much I get done.

Most of the gardening is done--at least all I am going to get done today.  Unfortunately, we have been off line for the last four hours or so.  I so wish Comcast would get its crap together.  Mom is looking into other services.  We'll see what she finds.

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