Saturday, May 5, 2012

Good morning on this variable Saturday.  We had a bit of weak sun a bit earlier and now it is overcast.  The temperature is warm enough that I can leave the patio door open so Kuma can go in and out as he wishes.  He has been a very happy cat over the last few days.  He has spent the most of the days basking in the sun.  I didn't do much in the gardens yesterday.  Did transplant some lettuce because I simply couldn't resist getting my hands dirty.  If it stays clear and dry I hope to get the rest of my gardens planted.  Two notes for next year: do not plant anything before March 15 and start all seeds in vermiculite or pearlite.

Hope the rain does your plants a lot of good, Kay.  April here was rather dry with our rain total at, maybe, half of normal.  We sympathize with the medical.  Mom's doctors have been trying to get her thyroid and blood pressure under control.  They have no idea why the thyroid (which had been nicely controlled for over a year) suddenly got out of whack.  The thyroid, of course, has affected her blood pressure so she has another medication and her GP has now ordered new blood work to check her iron and red blood cells.  If it isn't one thing its another.

Not much to comment on in the news.  See y'all tomorrow.

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