Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good morning, everyone, on what is predicted to be a hot day.  The weather people say that we may hit 90F.  Thankfully, I don't have much to do outside beyond transplanting the lemon verbena and watering everything that may dry out.  I do need to harvest a bit of spinach for our chef salads this afternoon.  We still have a problem with our internet and cable TV.  The internet was out for more than 5 hours yesterday.  When Mom called Friday (the third time!!) the representative told her that the problem was with Comcast outside wires and they couldn't get it fixed for 48-72 hours.  Since their linemen didn't work weekends that meant sometime Tuesday or Wednesday.  Depending on what happens today they may get another call.

This is an interesting analysis of Mitt Romney's, to date, very fuzzy proposals for what he would do if elected.  I can think of a third reason why Romney won't get specific.  How can he be held accountable if he doesn't make specific proposals?  A vague promise is no promise at all.

Gene Logsdon has a few very wise comments on debt in modern society.  And on the similarities between so-called capitalism and so-called socialism.  The only disagreement between the two is who gets the rewards of the industrial system both have pushed to the limit and beyond.

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