Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good Wednesday to you all.  The hoped for rain didn't materialize last night.  Blast!!  I can tell from the gardens that we have had a dry year so far.  I took all of the plants on the fence down and soaked them really well.  Thankfully the driest of them are very drought tolerant. I transplanted the lemon balm into a larger planter.  I was shocked at how root bound the plants were.  The patio is already acting like an oven.  It was uncomfortably warm all afternoon.  I am keeping a closer eye on the greenhouse because the temperature can rise very quickly in there.

I do love it when a good fact checker takes on the candidates (of either party) and their over the top claims.  Here is one that skewers Romney.  Unfortunately, our politicians have followed the old adage to lie big and lie often and amped it up to a whole new level of prevarication.

As the first line of this article says--this isn't the kind of 'stimulus' we would expect the Federal stimulus to be applied to.

Hi, Kay.  I hadn't seen your graphic yet.  I will be headed to your blog in a bit.  I remember a bit of a furor on BBC and other sites because of whichever politician it was who said that Murdock was morally unfit to lead a major company.  Once upon a time broadcast licenses could be denied in this country for such a finding.  I don't know if that still holds.  And yes, indeed, Greece has gotten crazier and will get more so.  Unfortunately, I think the hope in Europe that the crisis will end with Greece is, to put it mildly, irrational.  I still think they are simply buying time to create a 'soft' landing in their economy.  I think soft is off the table.  What is left--for them and for us--is hanging between hard and harder.  I liked Baileys also but I won't be imbibing it any time soon.  As you say, I much prefer to support ethical companies.

Oh, this will be fun to watch.  I doubt it will go anywhere but I am glad to see it and hope it shakes things up.  The piece didn't give any info on the legal theory behind the suit.

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