Sunday, May 20, 2012

Good Sunday to you all.  I have already finished most of the gardening I had planned today.  The temperatures have reached well into the 80s in the shade on the patio.  Considerably more in the sun.  We actually put the air conditioning on yesterday.  I get the feeling that we are in for a hot summer.  I soaked all of my gardens well this morning.  We have not had much rain this spring so it looks like things will be dry as well as hot.  The weather people predict a cold front with possible rain but the prediction for this area gives us only 2-tenths of an inch.  At least the temperatures will fall back a bit.

I decided that three of my plants should be moved and/or put into larger pots.  The mums outgrew the pot I had them in and they were spreading so that they interfered with plants nearby.  The spearmint on the fence had become pot bound--seriously pot bound.  And, to make room for the mums, I had to move the basil.  But they are all in their new homes now.  Tomorrow I have some trimming to do and I need to raise the soil level in a couple of the pots.

Welcome to Anonymous and thank you for your comments.  I really like Sharon Astyk's posts.  Your comments on the new stadium in Minnesota for which the legislators voted public support resembles repeated stories I have read.  The Ricketts family who owns the Chicago Cubs has been trying to get the city to pay a significant part of the renovation costs for their stadium.  They figured they could shift their own money to upgrading and developing other properties in the area which would improve their bottom line while the city would take a hit on the stadium costs.  Mayor Emanuel rejected the original proposal and insists the Ricketts invest more of their own money.  They had almost gotten an agreement when the news media leaked a battle plan the superpac they fund wanted to push that would resurrect the Jeremiah Wright and other such issues against Obama in the fall.  Suddenly Emanuel (a friend and ally of Obama's) isn't taking their calls any more.  I really get tired of all of these 'free market capitalist' boosters who try every way they can to privatize the profits while shifting the risks and costs off onto the pubic sector (read 'taxpayers').  Unfortunately for our public life, all too many of our politicians think that our public services (parks, schools, utilities) would be better shifted to profit making companies.

Sorry no links today.  I had an absolutely awful time with both my internet connection and with Google.  If one worked the other didn't. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

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