Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blessedly cool last night.  We have come to the conclusion that our lethargy is the result of not sleeping well.  We keep our summer thermostat at 78.  I know, I know.  I can hear all the conservationists yelling now.  But we have a problem because that setting is a bit too cool for downstairs but not cool enough for the upstairs.  That is the best compromise we have come up with--along with using our fan to move the air upstairs.  This is an old building and the designers never considered either energy efficiency or that the building would be occupied during the hottest decade on record.  And we have an attic that is an oven.  Part of our cable/internet problem a couple of months ago was traced to damage to the cable (which was I don't know old) through that attic.  Right now the air is off and it is comfortable.  And Kuma is very happy to be able to go outside at will.

We have had a couple of hands full of the Chocolate Cherry and the Super Sweet 100 tomatoes.  Both are delicious but I have to say the Chocolate Cherry is absolutely wonderful.  That is a keeper.  I don't think I have ever tasted a sweeter tomato.

Hi, Kay.  I think you will like the coming weather--so long as the violent thunderstorms stay away.  They tell us we may get some tomorrow afternoon through Monday.  Sorry Firefox is acting up.  I hate it when the computer goes haywire.  Having said that--my system decided to go wonky.  Hope going out and coming back in has cured the problem.  Otherwise this might be short.

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