Thursday, July 26, 2012

How are you all doing on this overcast Thursday?  Temps should only reach the high 80s today. But we have already closed up and put the air on.  We have a bit of rain now but none of the lightning we had last night.  We didn't hit the 100 level some areas of Chicago did but we came close--98.  We were fairly comfortable until about 1pm when we closed up and put on the air.  I agree, Kay.  We have been so lethargic with this heat in spite of the air conditioning.  Kuma isn't as insistent about going outside this summer.  He would just as soon lie around and sleep inside.  Wehave been able to keep our electric and water bill lower than most of our neighbors and not much higher than previous years.  And our infrastructure is evidently as badly stressed as we are.

I found this interesting little 'then vs. now' piece on MSNBC this morning shortly after reading your comment on yesterday's blog, Kay.  I guess my age is showing because such stories that contrast past times with the present reflect some of my own musings.  Your comment on the fish and the cost hits home in a way.  As I said yesterday, we have never been big fish consumers but over the last few years we have become more aware of nutrition.  Sea food does have some important nutrients and we have wanted to increase our number of fish meals a bit.  However, we find it is a bit of a challenge given a number of different problems including the increasing levels of toxic substances and chemicals found in fish now-a-days.  However, we have also reduced our portion sizes of both fish and meat drastically.  Interestingly, not because of budgetary necessity.  We simply can't eat like we used to.  I grew up in a 'meat and potatoes' household.  Dad would have thrown a serious fit if dinner didn't have a generous portion of meat and some form of potato plus at least two other vegetables plus a big desert.  We remarked on the change a couple of days ago when dinner was a 4oz piece of salmon, generous side of mixed veggies, and small lettuce and tomato salad.  No desert.  Another meal this week consisted of homemade manicotti, small salad and peas.  We have had meatless meals more frequently without feeling at all deprived.  I have referred to another change often over the last couple of years--buying better quality meat.  Less waste and more palatable.  And again the portions are smaller.  No half to three-quarters of a pound or larger potions.  Given the predictions concerning food prices for the next year (at the least) frugality is a necessary virtue.

And now a couple of entries in the 'companies behaving badly' file.  Here and here.

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