Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh, has the weather changed.  We shut off the air conditioning Saturday night and haven't had to put it back on since.  While I am grateful to whoever invented it I really don't much like it.  I much prefer to open doors and windows to get what ever breeze comes up or set up a fan.  However, neither of us can take the kind of heat we experienced over the last two weeks.  I finally got back out in the gardens for more than a quick watering.  Put five trays of spearmint and one of stevia in the dehydrator this morning.  In the process I saw a few of the chocolate cherry and sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are showing color.  We will have some for our salads soon. The rain we had yesterday morning wasn't enough to do anything for the plants but it did persuade me to put off major outside work for the day.  I did step out for a quick look in the afternoon and was glad I did.  Two tomatoes and one of the largest containers had dried out dangerously.  I gave them a quick watering and all have bounced back. We checked our computers over the weekend for that nasty virus the news reports have been warning us about.  Neither of our computers were affected.

Well, we lost a couple of legends over the last couple of days: Ernest Borgnine and Andy Griffith.  I won't link as there have been numerous easily found stories.

I saw headlines on this story a couple of weeks ago.  It is sad to think that there are criminal assholes out there preying on people like this but I think it is sadder that there are so many desperate people out there who fall for this scam.

If I had believed the crap about 'compassionate conservatism' Bush Jr. dished up, this story would have disabused me of the delusion.

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Elaine said...

Lucky you with the cooler temps! We're at 90 today but boy that sure feels better than the low 100's over the weekend. Your tomatoes sound wonderful! Wish I had a green thumb, I've never had much luck at growing vegetables.