Friday, July 20, 2012

Hello to you all on this not-so-good Friday.  Watching the news covering the Colorado shooting.  My only comment--we seem to have a lot of people out there with a whole lot of hate and resentment.  On a different note--we had some more rain last night but it is clearing out now and drying out.  The temps aren't expected to go much above 80 so we will have a one day respite from the 90s.  Sounds like a good day to take things easy and let the gardens dry out a bit before I check things out.

The Washington Post put up this long article on what should be a major medical scandal.  Unfortunately, since we have so many similar cases out there, it may not become one.  It is one reason I am both a 'medical minimalist' and a skeptic.  I am increasingly skeptical every time I see a story about some 'pre-'whatever condition that we must now treat.  What once was considered high normal cholesterol or blood pressure suddenly becomes a cause for concern and they push drugs on us to cure a condition that may or may not become a problem.

Tom Englehardt posted an excellent piece on the insane and obscene costs of protecting the 'secrets' of our 'national security state.'  And we wonder why we can't repair our infrastructure, fund health care, find it an increasing burden to care for our elderly and educate our young!!!

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mary said...

I just discovered your blog - I am a Mary also - and probably contrary. Here is Missouri, we are toast! Just got a $250 water bill for the last month. Sadly, I was just happy it was not $300. We are scrambling to keep the plants we put in this spring. An interesting article on the anemia drugs. I am halfway through a 5 year treatment for breast cancer. The drug has so many side effects - one of which is loss of bone mass. I have early stage bone loss. My husband had a sudden, life saving quadruple bypass 4 years ago. This is how we both entered retirement - I am concerned about the drugs we take. We have almost become vegetarians and salt is a memory. We treasure every day - even the hot ones! Mary