Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good Tuesday, Everyone.  I am already exhausted.  Since we expect temperatures near or above 100 today so I have already spent almost two hours getting herbs harvested, trimming done, and everything watered.  Usually, we spend the first hour or so in our robes with our morning coffee.  Not this morning (or yesterday either.)  Most of the plants are doing well.  I found another nice cucumber which is now waiting to be put into a salad.  Took some stevia, savory, pineapple sage, sage, and patchouli to try.  After today the temperatures are supposed to moderate and I can go back to selectively watering.

I like this piece found on MarketWatch this morning.  We are in an 'invisible depression.'

This article on the solar storm and the resulting northern lights has some awesome time lapse pictures.  One sequence shows the lights in southern Michigan.

One small village in Japan found the will and wherewithal to reject both fossil fuel and nuclear to generate power.  Though it doesn't provide for all of the villagers' needs it provides a significant part and was built in a short time and fairly cheaply.  They do need the services of the local power company which buys the power generated and pays the village for what they produce.  But the solar array will never fail in the catastrophic way Fukushima did.

Dana Milbank provides some very appropriately sarcastic commentary on Romney's 'retroactive retirement' from Bain Capital.  I seem to remember a comment yesterday (sorry I don't remember where) that Romney's 'retirement' was lucrative as he was paid during the time he magnanimously took no salary as CEO of the Olympics.  If you are retired you don't get paid.  You may get a pension but don't get a salary.

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