Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good Wednesday to you all.  We expect high 90s or 100 today--then a week of 80s.  That will feel good.  Right now we hear some rumbles of thunder and it looks like heavy clouds coming in from the west.  I got everything in the gardens put back upright.  Do damage--thankfully.  Tomorrow I have to start another round of herb harvests.  I also decided to do some rearranging--not what I had planned which is unworkable.  Too many of the plants have intertwined and I can't move one without damaging the other.  And I can't bring the trash tote back inside.  It will have to stay where it is until I clear things up in the fall.  Instead I swapped the positions of the greenhouse and the potting table.  Hopefully that will moderate the temperatures inside the greenhouse.  I just finished watering everything in the lower pots/containers and will finish watering the plants on the fence before I finish for the day.  Will also harvest some vine peach and lemon squash over the next couple of days.  We will get to sample the first butternut squash today.

With this hot and strange weather the mainstream media seem to have suddenly discovered the climate change issue.  This story was on one of the news broadcasts last night.  Huffington presented this story about some unsuspected ways climate change might affect us.  And this little story makes me wonder about what we might expect come this winter.  A hell of a lot of lake effect snow?  And if Lake Superior is running so far above what was once considered normal how warm is Lake Michigan?  Check out this local news story--80 F and the story says the temperature rose the previous week 10 degrees between Sunday and Friday. (The story was posted July 8)

Well, this is good.  Not near enough of a punishment but better that the none that has been so typical.  The TV news last night carried a snippet which quoted one of the defense lawyers claiming his poor client 'only followed orders.'  Sorry but that defense has been tried before--at Nuremberg

Another story we saw last night on the TV news.  About the third or fourth over the last year.  We have become pickier about where the fish we buy are caught and where they are processed.  We aren't great fans of fish anyway nor are we great experts on fish other than having a fair grip on telling how fresh it is.  Earlier this year we saw a couple of strange species on sale at a couple of local supermarkets--swai and basa.  Reading up on where those fish are found (basa in the Mekong delta of Vietnam which one of the most polluted waterways in the world) we immediately struck them from any shopping list.  The problem is only made worse when you can't rely on the vendor to be selling what he says he is.

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Kay Dennison said...

The heat is going to kill me yet! My landlord is not gonna be thrilled with the water bill and I may never get caught up with housework.

As to the priest, I say yeah! Enablers are a huge part of the problem.

Thanks for the info on fish!!! Sadly, Fresh fish is too expensive for me so I rarely buy it.