Saturday, July 7, 2012

Good Saturday, Everyone.  The temperature should only reach the high 90s today.  The rest of the week should stay in the 80s which well feel really good.  The 75 on the patio this morning felt like mid 80s when I watered everything and, again, that is all I have done.  Starting tomorrow I will start taming the herbs again.  They have grown like crazy.  One little butternut squash is just about ready and we will have it early next week.  I am watching the tomatoes and vine peaches very carefully.  And the cucumbers.

I found this article on NPR and the last paragraph is particularly interesting.  The earth is at its farthest distance from the sun for this year.

The morning news had an interesting segment.  The comments came in a discussion of the economic data which the reporters noted has been dismal.  Noting that no President has been re-elected when the unemployment has been over 8% or with a couple of other poor economic statistics which I can't remember now, they tried to explain why Obama and Romney are essentially tied in the polls.  By all historical patterns, Romney should be well ahead.  They cited some polls which indicate that voters may be 'losing faith' that anyone can really do anything to cure our economic malaise.  And we may be getting away from blaming individual politicians for the mess.  If so, maybe we are becoming more realistic in our expectations of our politicians.  And, perhaps, we aren't so ready to believe pie in the sky promises from either candidate. The above cartoon, from MSNBC, says it all.  I told Mom a couple of days ago that anyone or any group who thinks they can control the economy has a serious case of hubris.

This is utterly ridiculous.  To go back 21 years to try to find a tax overpayment and then try to get a refund??  If you or I tried that we would be laughed out of the office.  Seems to me it is a ploy to get out of paying the rest of what the company owes for the bailout that kept its sorry ass in business.  And from its major shareholder at that.

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