Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good morning on what looks to be a mild Wednesday.  The temperature yesterday didn't make it to the 90s, thankfully.  But it was uncomfortable enough that we did put the air on.  I have already harvested four trays of oregano and two of orange mint--all drying right now.  And I found a little cherry tomato ready for the picking.  We plan on big chef salads for dinner tomorrow so I hope the chocolate cherries will be ready.  I noticed several ear tassels on one patch of my corn--nothing yet on the other patch.  I need to water well since I didn't yesterday.  A little at a time.

I agree, Elaine.  I don't really understand why the production of Excedrin has to be shut down for so long.  I know the problem is supposed to involve different drug pills have gotten into the Excedrin line and, according to one report some time ago, broken pills.  But the company should have been able to correct that within a week and thoroughly clean the entire production line.  I have seen documentary reports on food production lines that can be shut down, totally scrubbed and sanitized, and back in operation within 8 hours.  We got the Walgreens house version last time which has the same ingredients in the same proportions and seems to work as well--at least for us.  We can sympathize with those who find it doesn't work for them.  We find the same problem for us with several lines of decongestants--they simply don't work or they have side effects that cancel their usefulness.

Another entry in the "Don't you just love living in the country with the best health care system in the world?"

Yves Smith has another repulsive example of 'capitalists' acting badly.  If they can find a way to steal they will.  If these were ghetto gangbangers the authorities would mobilize the SWAT team to take them out.

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