Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Tuesday, Everyone.  We had a lot of thunder and lightning last night but not much rain.  The storm line has already moved south of us.  I will have to check the container gardens later to see which need more water.  We plant to cook a couple of the lemon squash for dinner today.  Hope the taste as good as the butternut we had earlier.  Got four trays of spearmint and two of peppermint dried yesterday.  Have to get them ground soon.

Huffington Post asks a very good question this morning.  I have been reading about the various 'Voter ID' laws being pushed by Repthuglican politicians all over the country, including here in Indiana.  Given that there has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud (the major excuse for the laws), that the majority of the people affected adversely (read: disfranchised) are racial minorities, the poor, and the elderly, and some evidence that reducing the rolls of Democrat-leaning voters is the real reason for the push, why hasn't the media covering the story?  My own guess: their corporate masters don't want it covered so they insist on presenting fluff instead.

This is almost unimaginable.  Yesterday India experienced an electrical grid failure that affected 300+ million people (I think I linked to a story).  A population the equivalent to that of the U.S. was without power.  Today, in the same area and some,  the electricity failed for 600+ million.

I noticed the gist of this story on a couple of blogs today and noticed how the mainstream media has totally ignored this gaff by our very clueless Repthuglican presumptive nominee.  On this trip designed to bolster his foreign policy credentials he has insulted the British and the Palestinians, impressed the Solidarity Union with his anti-union stance at the birthplace of Solidarity, and praised the so-efficient Israeli medical system without realizing that it is socialized.  If he didn't have two degrees from Harvard, I would think he failed to graduate from the same schools from which Sarah Palin failed to graduate.

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