Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good Wednesday to all out there.  I have had a busy morning already.  Our first pot of stewed tomatoes is on the stove spiced with fresh basil, onion, a handful of Marconi peppers (frozen from last year) and the one 'spicy' pepper we picked a couple days ago and decided was too hot for omelets.  It has a strong chili smell so I will label it for chili.  Should make three or four packages for freezing.  Just tasted it and it is definitely chili tomatoes.  I watered everything so I am now done for the day.  Tomorrow I will go back to collecting herbs for drying.  Mom found some really nice green peppers to do up as stuffed peppers that we will freeze.  She isn't ready to do up the chilies rellenos and the poblanos she saw were smaller than she would like.  Update: tomatoes are stewed, cooled and packaged.  I now have two and a half pounds of stewed tomatoes in the freezers getting frozen.  The half pound we put in the small freezer for immediate use in any casserole or other dish.  Others in the large freezer for chili this winter.

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