Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good Tuesday, Everyone.  Nicely cool (70s) with rain possible.  Not much going on in the gardens.  Maybe some tomatoes to collect but everything else is recovering from that prolonged hot spell.  I still have to package up the stewed tomatoes today and get them frozen.  The pot didn't cool down before my energy died.  We had planned on chicken yesterday but switched plans.  I had wondered what I might suggest to Mom as a substitute when she said she was fixing a pot pie.  That worked.  Let's see what I find on the 'net today.

Huffington Post published this story today which should be filed in the 'more things change, the more they stay the same' file.  What is really pathetic is that a lawyer for BofA sat down to a foreclosure conference with the person whose home the bank is trying to take and couldn't say if the case was under review or was closed or had never been reviewed because they don't know where in the hell the paperwork was in the bank.  And then he asked the homeowner if she had a copy with her of her paperwork.  What I find absolutely infuriating is that the political powers that be are convinced that this fucked up entity (pardon the profanity--it seems appropriate) is too big to be allowed to fail.

Finally someone treats Jamie Dimon (of JP Morgan/Chase) with the sarcastic disrespect he deserves.  Too bad most of our politicians are fawning sycophants who spend most of their time kissing his ass.

And for another example of self-important bankers who think they should be able to do whatever they want.  His bank can deal with Iran all it wants but should be willing to accept the consequences--they can't deal with us.  This is a parallel with the Chick-fil-a brouhaha.  The CEO can espouse any religious position he wants but to expect those who thoroughly disagree with him to support his company and fork over their cold, hard cash is ridiculous.  The banker and the CEO simply have to decide which market is most desirable rather than expecting to both have their respective cakes and eat them also.

Arianna Huffington is right on the money here: half a billion dollars and all we got is this lousy election.  And the projections for total spending on this 'lousy election' is--wait for it---$2.5 BILLION.
That amount of money would provide 25 people with $100million; 250 people $10 million; 2500 people with $1million; or 25000 people with $100k.  And it would be far better spent.

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Kay Dennison said...

Talk sbout a waste of money!!! I can't help but feel that there should be a spending limit on how much money can be spent on getting elected but the GOP would cheat anyway. Call me cynical.

The Dems emails asking for ask if I can pony up $3 -- but I get about a dozen of them daily. That adds up over a month to more than my Social Security checks.

I give my time instead. It's fun and it keeps me busy.

I did make a contribution this week -- I spent $5 at Big Lots to buy 5 mouse pads for Obama HQ.

I am so weary of this whole mess although I really like the Obama folks. They really treat us volunteers well.