Saturday, August 11, 2012

Good Saturday to you all.  Nicely cool again.  The clouds are moving off and we should have sun today.  It is time to pull some of the plants and get everything ready for the fall planting.  I had thought to start the seeds in the greenhouse but I think I might just try them in the pots.  I still have a couple of chores I need to do that have been on my to-do list.  Just haven't had much get-up-and-go.  But I am getting some things done.  A case of do something--sit and read--do something--sit and read, etc.  So far I got all of the last batch of stewed tomatoes packaged and freezing--all six pounds 12 ounces of it.  I also got a good part of the dried herbs ground and put in jars--spearmint, peppermint, orange mint, stevia and basil.

Well, Mitt has decided on Paul Ryan as his VP choice.  Whoopee!! (sarcasm alert)  Doesn't make any difference to me--except to solidify my decision to not vote for the Repthuglicans.  The stock markets should love this--but I don't think much of our financial/business elites.  Mitt did promise to 're-introduce' his economic/tax/budget proposals to the voters.  Since he basically adopted most of from Ryan's plan anyway, why not adopt the author as well.

Think Progress provides another example of how Repthuglicans intend to win the election.  I guess they don't want to rely on the Supreme Court for the third time in this very young century.  Start yelling, Kay.

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