Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hello, everyone, on what is predicted to be another hot day before we get something we haven't seen for at least two and a half months--a trio of 70 degree days.  I have everything watered in the gardens.  I think I am getting the upper hand on the squash bugs.  It will be a while because I found several little caches of eggs.  That means I will have more little bugs.  Yesterday was a productive day.  I put up about five pounds of the spicy freezer cucumbers--a kind of freezer pickle.  Took out the vine peach.  As I wrote yesterday they are not very palatable (at least not for me) so I saw no reason to keep the plant going.  I put in one of the double shepherd's hooks and moved the blueberries into that pot.  I won't be putting anything else in that pot.  Oh, well.  I intended to simplify the gardens anyway.  We are looking for a couple of nice bird feeders to put up.  The little hummingbird hasn't come back--at least not that we have seen.  But we'll leave it up because the bees love it.  It will keep them coming around until my plants recover from the heat and begin their next round of blooming.  I moved the orange mint and peppermint to replace the blueberries and had to cut back the runners the peppermint was sending to invade the spearmint pot next to it.  I will tackle the spearmint pots--split them and replant.  I looked at how I have the over-the-fence pot hangers placed and will have to make some changes next year when I have all of the shepherd's hooks in place.  That is one of the nice features of those small pot holders--they are easily moveable.  I thought about getting a couple of the larger pots that straddle the fence but, considering the winds that came with those nasty storms we have had, I am glad I didn't get them.  Those might have blown off damaging both my gardens and the fence.  Our landlords would not have been pleased.

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