Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Tuesday, Everyone.  We have a bunch of errands to do today so I won't get any gardening done. The weather should be much like yesterday: mid 80s and sunny.  The weather people are tracking Isaac to see if it will track through our area.  I hope so.  We need  it to break the drought.

I am not going to watch any of the conventions.  I figure I can read transcriptions of any of the speeches I think might be interesting.

Well, we just got back from our errands.  We had a few more stops than usual.  Mom had an early morning appointment for blood work.  Because she couldn't eat before, I treated her to breakfast out.  Then we had to pay rent and visit the downtown farm market to get some acorn squash.  The lady who runs the stand asked if we would take a slightly marred pepper.  It has a couple of soft spots but we figured we could add it to a batch of the bullnose peppers ready to be cleaned and frozen.  We will be seeing her later over the next few weeks because we also want some butternut squash.  We will cook them up all at once and freeze most of it for later.  Cooking for two is always a bit of a pain.  We find that doing up a full recipe and freezing the extra is a good plan.  Our version of TV dinners.  Then we visited the little natural foods market we had wanted to see.  It is a nice little place and we will be going back there.  Mom wants a little creamer--you know, the little glass or porcelain pitcher for cream.  In another retrograde move we have shifted from dry, powdered creamer to half&half to condensed milk.  Mom doesn't like to leave the condensed milk in the can.  But we have had a hard time finding a small cream pitcher.  We will keep it in the back of our minds when we are out.  We even tried our little Ace Hardware (where we found a little herb/spice mill I have wanted for a while) and the local Kmart which used to have a nice housewares department.  Now we are resting.

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