Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good Thursday, everyone.  Nice and cool right now; but, they expect temps in the 90s so sometime today I will have to close everything up and put on the air.  Same for tomorrow before Isaac come up here.  I hope for a couple of days of steady rain.  Only plan to water everything and harvest some herbs for drying.  I might get a couple of plants pulled before it gets too hot.

As I noted before I am not watching the convention and won't watch the other one either.  I find the commentary on the Internet far more interesting and if, by some strange happenstance, I want to read a speech I am sure I can find a transcript.  But I found a critique of Christie's speech yesterday that noted something very odd:  he recounted his own 'achievements' in New Jersey for most of it and only brought up his party's flag bearer toward the end.  I think one blogger counted some 37 references to Christie himself and only a few at the end to Romney.  This article reinforces a niggling notion in the back of my mind: the Repthuglican hierarchy aren't all that sure Romney will win.  That is far more interesting that watching the convention itself.

While the Repthuglican once and, possibly, future contenders are busy plunging rhetorical shivs into their candidate's back, this is an ongoing problem in health care.  We have known for sometime about the increasing incidence of 'superbugs'--those resistant to antibiotics.  However, we have to go back to my mother's generation to find those with experience of medicine without antibiotics.  We may be heading back to that time.  And we may not like it much.

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