Friday, August 17, 2012

TGIF again, Everyone.  They say we will have sun today.  We did get some rain yesterday but not enough to make a big dent in the dry conditions.  The temperatures shouldn't get out of the 70s.  I finished packaging the stewed tomatoes for the freezer.  We have another 6 pounds in 2 lb. packages.  We might get another batch out of the remaining tomato plants.  I have a few chores planned--like starting some cuttings from my mints, patchouli, and sage.  Some of them also should be harvested and dried.  As I said yesterday, the season is definitely winding down.

So Mitt claims he has paid at least 13% in taxes for the last ten years.  The Democrats are saying exactly what I said when I heard it last night:  Prove it.  As dear St. Ronnie said about 25 years ago "Trust, but verify."  Talk is cheap.  Although, in this case terribly expensive.  I have already turned off the TV news.  It is almost all crap or I have already seen it and they aren't presenting anything new.  I'll catch the evening news.

I found this quote on one of the blog sites this morning I visit frequently.  Enjoy!!
“You will often hear people who ought to know better dress up Ryan's savage economic priorities with euphemisms. Ryan wants to "fix" Medicare. No, he doesn't. He wants to kill it. Saying Paul Ryan wants to "fix" Medicare is like saying the vet wanted to "fix" my dog Major; that which used to work very well no longer works at all—and Major is none too happy with the procedure.” -- Paul Begala 8/11/12
  I saw a short piece this morning which described this unfortunate possible consequence of the drought.  As this drought has affected more and more of the corn crop I thought often enough that at least the farmers could grind it for silage and feed it to their cattle.  Well, maybe not.  I didn't know that drought stressed corn would concentrate nitrogen to toxic levels.

Our little hummingbird came back!!  She gave the flowers on my lavender (what few there are; it is still a young plant) a close examination and flew off.  But she came back just a couple of minutes ago and maneuvered around the bees to get at the feeder.  We have had a lot of bees visiting the hummingbird feeder getting ready for winter.  I don't have much for them in the garden now that the cucumbers and squash are spent.  I must do some planning for more hummingbird, bee and butterfly friendly plants next summer.

Wise Father at ragingwisdom posted this inventive protest in Spain at at Bankia branch.  Loved it!!!  No abuse, no shouting.  But they got the message across.  Watch the video.  It is in Spanish but the message is clear.  Their banks are about as popular there as ours are here.

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