Friday, August 31, 2012

Good day to you all on what promises to be a hot Friday.  We did hit the low 90s yesterday and expect the same today.  With that we would post 45 days in the 90s or better for the year.  The record is 47.  I would rather not tie or exceed it.  Nothing much planned for the garden today.  Watered the rosemary but that is it.  The temperature will go too high to do much all too soon.

I didn't watch the convention so I didn't see Clint Eastwood's performance.  I heard on the commentary from the ABC local political reporter that it was 'bizarre' (according to the prevalent comments on twitter.)  But when I read a headline concerning it on MarketWatch I laughed and am still more quietly amused.  The headline quoted Eastwood saying 'It is time for a businessman to become President.'  Evidently he hasn't read much history.  The last successful businessman to become President was---Herbert Hoover.  (Note--though Harry Truman was a businessman he wasn't all that successful.  He was far more successful as a politician.)  Eastwood's right wing politics bothers and influences me not at all--any more than the left wing politics of other entertainers.  They have a right to their opinions as I have to mine.

I just had to look at the link to find our what the hell Honey Boo Boo was that beat out the Repthuglican National Convention for viewers.  I had no idea.  Our TV was off and our DVD played Starship Troopers: Invasion and an old Vincent Price movie based on three Edgar Allen Poe short stories.  Far more entertaining.

As you all know, if you have been reading her for a while, I love Margaret and Helen.  Their assessment of the Repthuglican campaign much resembles mine.  But if I want to see clowns I will wait for the professional circus to come to town.  Why waste time on very inept not-quite-amateurs?

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