Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Good day to you all.  Expecting 80s today and tomorrow with low 90s Friday through Sunday.  So far August has given us below normal temps after one of the warmest Julys on record.  Anyone else feeling whipsawed by the weather?  I didn't get much done yesterday.  I generally don't on days we do our shopping and especially on those days we have to make a series of stops.  We started out at Panera for our bread, the farm market to look around (didn't get anything but will pick up some onions and squash next week), the grocery store and finished up at one of the local dollar stores.  By the time we get home and put everything away we figure we have done enough work for the day.  Today I plan to clean some shelves downstairs and move the books upstairs to open up some storage space, take cuttings from the marjoram and thyme to get started, water what needs it outside and a few other chores.  We'll see what I get done.  All too often I get side tracked by something else I see that also needs doing.

Every now and again I have to be somewhat amazed by the absolute inanity/insanity/asininity of our politicians.  Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akins apologized not for his opinions but for his word choice.  No one has really commented on that. Somehow he should have found a way to express opinions many find offensive in words that won't offend.  Worse very little follow up with this kind of information.  The Repthuglican platform will, as so often in the recent history, contain anti-abortion language while remaining silent on exceptions for rape and incest.  Again they want to support the policy without telling the voters what that policy really means.  Yesterday I saw one news story connecting Ryan and Akin in an effort to introduce legislation that banned abortion with no exceptions.    And I found this one today that goes into more details.  This says to me that the pressure the Repthuglicans put on Akin to withdraw from the race is simply a maneuver to allow them to put in a more accomplished liar.  They agree with the policy they just want someone who can hide that fact more convincingly.

Hi, Kay.  Thanks for stopping by.  I know you are very busy with the campaign.  Keep up the good fight, girl.

I saw a story on this a couple of days ago but the Contrary Farmer has a humorous take on the problem.  There are definitely technologies that cause more problems than they solve.

Granny Geek published a quasi-humorous post that says something about generational differences.  I will admit I don't wear a watch--haven't since I admitted I am retired.  I don't have to tell time to the nearest minute any more and, when I am out, I have my cell phone with me which provides me with the time if I need to know.  But I can read an old-fashioned dial watch--I actually have a couple in my jewelry box if I ever really need one.  It make me wonder how these kids will function if their technological umbilicals fail them.

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