Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello, All, on this expected-to-be-hot Friday.  Another 90 possible.  I have watered almost everything--only have four more small pots on the fence to attend to.  Harvested some tomatoes--cherry and roma.  I saw a Mr. Stripey that is almost ready along with a couple of cucumbers, peppers and vine peaches.  I also cut some patchouli, stevia, pineapple sage and orange mint that are all drying now.

I haven't really seen much to comment on lately.  The news is either the latest (maybe) gaffe by whichever candidate; or, perhaps just the latest comment taken out of context.  Or the latest bit of trivia on the Drew Peterson trial.  Or the Olympics.  Or the latest meltdown over Chick-fil-a.  I really don't follow any by choice--I just can't get away from it.  Let's see what else I find today.

Now this is interesting--a challenge to avoid the grocery supermarket for 30 days.  The participants can allow themselves $30 for items at the supermarket that can't be found elsewhere.  We are nearly there as it is.  All we buy regularly at the supermarket are diary products (except eggs which we get from our favorite year-round farm market), vinegar (we use a lot for cleaning), frozen vegetables and oatmeal/farina.  During the summer most of our veggies come from the farm markets.  Our meat comes from a small local butcher shop.  We have actively tried to eliminate most of the mass produced canned goods because of the quality (bad and getting worse) or the heavy doses of salt, sugar and preservatives.  I wonder how many more baby boomers have joined the movement away from one-stop shopping which doesn't meet our needs any more.


mary said...

The farmers markets don't have much and may close down due to the drought in Missouri. I bought 50 lbs of peaches (seconds) and am freezing quart bags and making jam. We have set out multiple water containers for the birds and brought out the bird feeder (used in winter usually). It is grand central station in the yard. I have seen birds I am scrambling to identify. What a sas summer!

Annie*s Granny said...

It's quite the dilemma. We stay out of our grocery stores for a month and how many people get laid off because the stores can't afford to pay them. How much produce goes to the landfill because there's nobody to buy it? Sure, it helps with our personal finances, but it's not so good on the economy of the country. If we aren't spending, nobody is making money. It reminds me of the BP oil spill, when people boycotted the service stations. Those were locally run businesses that had nothing to do with the spill. Loss of business meant loss of jobs and families losing their means of support. Nope, I'm not boycotting my supermarket. I'll continue to do my normal purchasing, which is already kept at a minimal level, and hopefully the checkers and box boys can keep their jobs.