Sunday, August 19, 2012

Howdy, All.  Hope your have a good Sunday.  We may get some rain today but not much according to the weather people.  Some more leisurely gardening today.  Nothing is pressing.  I got five trays of basil and two of stevia dried yesterday.  I plan on drying more today.  Our little hummingbird has returned frequently for the last few days.  She surprised us a couple of days ago when she came by while we were going out and then stayed in spite of our presence.  We watched as she flew all around the patio examining everything.  Then she went back to the lavender and the feeder.  Mom made up a spaghetti sauce yesterday using the last of last season's stock.  One of the spicy peppers was ripe so I gave it to her for the sauce.  When I tried to move the pot a bit a green one caught on the cage supporting the bullnose peppers and fell off so I gave her that little one as well.  We found out those are some potent little peppers.  Not quite as hot as the regular jalapeños but a bit hotter than we intended.  It was some good sauce and, thankfully, the spaghetti noodles muted some of the heat.  The left over sauce is going into a chili later this week.  We never have left overs here.  We have ingredients for another meal.

I found this on Natural News this morning and I was a bit skeptical.  However, having read several items concerning Google's new policy of blocking sites offering tarot readings, magic spells and such, I thought I would explore the issue a bit.  And the information is accurate.  I can get all kinds of information on the search part of Google but when I go into search the message comes up with zero results but I noticed that Walmart and a couple of other big vendors are listed.  This smacks just a bit too much of Big Brotherism to me.  I read somewhere that Google intended to 'preserve the integrity' of their business environment by cutting off information leading to 'hucksters.'  Crap!!  I generally like Google but I don't want my search results censored or my access to products limited by their sensibilities.  I have been an adult for much longer than Google has been around and I can make my own decisions.

Now this idiot has put a new coat on the old notions of eugenics.  Craptastic!!!  Given the numerous ethical, moral, and religious systems that exist (and have existed) I sincerely doubt that there is an identifiable 'morality' gene.  But these (choose your own epithet--I can't think of one severe enough to cover this evil) always try.  We would probably wind up with a whole lot of people who think like the Christianist thugs who disrupt military funerals, support raping lesbians to 'cure' them, or beating children because you think they are possessed.

Maureen Dowd takes a very sharp scalpel to Paul Ryan's 'moderate' facade and shows it for exactly--a facade.

I read Patrice Lewis' blogs consistently.  I don't always agree with her.  I am far more liberal, am not raising children and have little interest in religion.  But here is a post I agree with 100%.  Some 25 years ago the notion that what passes for higher education had become an exercise in futility--it cost far too much and delivered way too little to be worthwhile.  But it took another ten years for the lesson to sink in thoroughly.  Once upon a time I thought a Secretary of Education (I forget which) told Americans they should 'kick the tires' was batshit crazy.  Now I think he was on to something.

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