Sunday, August 26, 2012

We have the window and doors open this morning and the air off.  I hope we can keep that over the week.  The weather people say temps in the 80s.  Later today we should see rain.  They say a slow system should deliver a long slow rain which we badly need.  I have some peppers to take today and some tomato two tomato plants to take out.  With the rain coming I should zip up the greenhouse.  Otherwise I continue the slow winding down of the gardens.  Let's see if I find anything worth spending the effort to comment on.

One passing to note: Neil Armstrong at 82.  I remember the moon landing.  I was stationed at a Naval command in DC at the time.  I remember everyone who had leave and seniority taking a few days leave  so they could relax in front of their TVs to watch.  I had neither but the command had sets throughout tuned in.

I found this Economist op-ed piece by way of the Political Wire and it neatly sums up why I am not voting for Romney/Ryan.  I will be voting for a President not a Chameleon In Chief.

For a fascinating and very depressing then vs. now set of pictures go here.  The first picture was from last year when the Mississippi was at flood stage and the Corp of Engineers had to open levees to relieve the pressure.  A lot of farmers had their land flooded, scoured by the force of the water, and ruined for a considerable future thanks to the water, silt and sand.  This year is a very different picture as the levels are at near record lows impeding barge traffic.

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