Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Tuesday, All.  Something unusual this morning--fog.  We haven't seen much of that for a good while.  It should burn off and give us sun later today.  We had a nice day of on-again-off-again rain yesterday.  However, we need a lot more of that if the ground is going to regain the moisture it needs for next year's planting season.  I will look around the gardens later after it dries out.  I have a bunch of tomatoes that should be stewed and frozen.  Not as many as before but enough.  I need to start cutting on the herbs again.  It is amazing how quickly they recover after each cutting.

This story made our local news this morning but it isn't news in this household.  A couple of years ago we followed a History Channel series titled Life After People. The premise was what would happen to the physical remains of our civilization if we suddenly disappeared.  One of the segments noted the pythons in Florida and how the numbers of snakes over all and of large snakes particularly are increasing--because they have no natural predators.  Think the pythons will be controlled by alligators? Think again.  The alligator population is declining and a large part of that decline is due to pythons.  And the snakes wouldn't necessarily stay in Florida.  They can easily spread well north and west.

We saw this item on the TV news last night and this morning but with a local twist.  A couple of weeks ago the big news was that Motorola Mobility was moving its U.S. headquarters from one of the suburbs to downtown Chicago.  The city and state promised tax breaks--to keep the company in the state instead of letting it move out of Illinois.  But part of the deal was a promise to keep at least 2500 jobs at the headquarters.  Now they may not fulfill that promise and may not get the tax breaks.  Good!!  I have seen way too many stories of cities, counties or states that gave tax breaks and other bribes while promising some pie-in-the-sky number of jobs and then moving out again after getting most of the benefit and delivering almost none of the jobs.  And, for the most part, they got away with that theft.

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