Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hello, Everyone.  Cool and pleasant today.  They say we should have a nice soaking rain overnight tonight.  I hope so.  I have been clearing out some of the spent plants--cucumbers, lemon squash, butternut squash, and beans.  The roses are in their new pot.  I have some more I want to get done but can do it slowly.  So let's see what is out there.

Robert Reich sums up the political philosophy of the Repthuglicans perfectly--Social Darwinism.  Ryan's budget, which Mitt has appropriated for the most part, isn't the only symptom of this sickness.  Take a look at the efforts in so many states to pare back the voting roles--largely by eliminating racial minorities, seniors, the working class and the poor.  I have even seen some remarks from Repthuglicans that fall just short of reestablishing property requirements for voting.  They justify it, of course, as a return to the philosophy of the Founders.  But we aren't an 18th century society any more and we ditched property restrictions very early in the 19th century.

Part of this article strikes a little too close to home.  About halfway down the first page they mention wells running dry in Parr, Indiana which is in Jasper County just south of and adjacent to us.  

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