Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good Saturday, All.  We had an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday.  High was about 80 with a nice cooling breeze.  It was cool enough that we needed the covers last night.  Unfortunately, the temperatures are supposed to rise to 90 again.  I have a couple of plants I want to move.  I collected two nice little butternut squash.  Mom plans to cook them up soon.  I don't think I have to water anything today.  They all got enough with the rain earlier in the week.

Glad you stopped by Mary from Missouri.  I have been following a bit of the drought in both Missouri and Colorado.  I have lived for some years in both states.  Like you we have become much more aware of the harmful effects of drugs and much more discriminating about which drug therapies we follow.  Almost two years ago when the reports came out about the link with osteoporosis medicines Mom had a long talk with her doctor about the one he prescribed for her which had not yet been so linked.  They agreed that she should stop taking it.  We began reducing the salt six or seven years ago.  We use very little in cooking and watch closely the salt in the food we buy.  Like you we have also reduced the amount of meat.  We were very unhappy with the quality and the packaging of the meat at the local supermarket and Wal-Mart.  Thought it better to pay more and get our meat from a local meat market that buys from local farmers who pasture/free range their animals and don't use hormones or antibiotics.  I don't think we would ever go totally vegetarian.  I agree--cherish and enjoy every day because you have no guarantee how many more you will have.

Glad you got some of the rain we enjoyed, Kay.  Thankfully, Mitch Daniels can't run again.  Unfortunately, I don't have much hope that who ever is the Democratic candidate will win.  We are with you--we don't much recognize this country any more.  We sometimes wonder if we are just getting older but too often we look at events/pronouncements/policies and see a fundamental shift in the basic values we grew up with.

Greenpa at Little Blog in the Big Woods has an excellent on the media coverage of the latest mass shooting (and all previous murders du jour).  Most of the coverage simply repeats what has already been broadcast and most of it provides nothing enlightening.  It is simply an orgy of wallowing in the misery.  We have turned it off.

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Kay Dennison said...

Today it's pretty nice here -- thanks for sending it my way!!!

I'm trying to eat healthier but it's awfully expensive and a garden isn't practical here.

I, too, mourn the shift in values -- what galls me is that so many call themselves Christians and their values go against everything I was taught.

I just read about the tragedy online and fled to my DVD library for sanity.

What kind of monsters are we propagating????