Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Comfortable Tuesday. Garden update.

We had rain last night.  But it wasn't much and the pavements were all pretty dry when we woke up.  I may have to water.  I got the tomato on the east side of our gate tamed a bit so we can go in and out more easily.  Trimmed back the beans on the other side so both bird feeders are clear of foliage.  I will get some more trimming done.

Curious comment on TV news this morning:  The Brits have the Royals and we have the Kardashians. Given a choice I would rather have the Royals.  Actually, I would rather have neither but I don't seem to have a choice.  That appears to be all whoever chooses what is news thinks we should see.

When I read any article concerning pension "reforms," I notice how the "reform" is going to screw over either current recipients or current but as yet unvested employees who will see their contributions increase but their expected future benefits cut.  Unfortunately, thinking of the situation in Illinois and probably many other jurisdictions, the biggest reason the pensions need "reforming" is because the politicians failed to make the employer's contributions called for in the contracts.  Those bastards won't feel any of the pain.  I call that theft.  Workers performed their part of the bargain but the cities and states are going to renege on their part--and get away with it.

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