Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good broiling Tuesday. Gardens.

Hello, All.  Not much to report.  With the heat I try to get what I can done very early in the morning.  Since we have our monthly Senior Circle breakfast so I watered while the coffee brewed.  The most important thing this morning was to take the strawberries off the fence and look under the cheesecloth covers and water them.  I got three ripe strawberries which we ate right away.  It is amazing how much even a single home grown strawberry brightens our day.  I was surprised to find that the plants on the east fence were dry while those on the west fence were still moist.  I had watered all of them at the same time.  The covers seem to be doing the job--no bug eaten fruit or leaves. I am not going to harvest any herbs today because the temperatures will be on their way to blistering by the time we get back.  I only got the grapefruit mint done yesterday.  What I cut entirely filled my dehydrator.  I saw some blossoms opening on the beans--finally.  As I said before everything seems so slow this year.

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