Thursday, July 25, 2013

Very cool Thursday. Miscellaneous stories.

Temperatures this morning are in the low 50s and we expect the highs to be below normal.  I plan to finish taking out the yardlong beans and start on the blue lake.  Neither have been as productive usual.  I have some more trimming and tying to do and a couple of plants I want to put in larger pots.  Still watching a couple of tomatoes that are near ripe.  We had fried tomatoes Tuesday.  Mom refused to say 'fried green tomatoes.'  They ripened too quickly.  They did taste good, though.

Another scam to watch out for.  And according to a story on yesterday's news the 'grandparents' scam is back so don't believe it if someone calls telling you your grandchild is in a foreign jail and needs bail money immediately.

This will be my only comment on the "new" Weiner sexting controversy.  It isn't new--it is the same old immature, stupid, asinine behavior.  I don't live in New York so I don't have a vote but I wouldn't want a person exhibiting that kind of behavior as a mayor.  It is bad enough they have a wanna be nanny mayor now but to replace him with a perpetual teenager?  But then I had another thought this morning: I wonder who is orchestrating the news on this?  The timing has been amazing.

Yves Smith cross posted a brilliant evisceration of Obama's Galesburg speech.  Nice to have someone who can translate the "double think" of political speech.

Now this is fascinating.  WWII code revealed.

New confirmed oldest man.  He is 112.  The oldest living person is 115 year old Misao Okawa.

Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By provides a good reason why we should all carefully watch what is happening in Detroit.

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