Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good Sunny Thursday. Garden update. Strawberries.

Hey, Kay.  Glad you stopped by.  Yeah, a national reboot would be nice.  We need so many aspects of our lives rebooted I can't even begin to count them.

What rain we got yesterday did absolutely nothing for the gardens.  I watered last night especially the hibiscus and tansy.  They are large plants that suck up the water in their containers very fast.  I almost forgot the cypress vine but I noticed it was a bit droopy and got it watered also.  It is nicely perky now.

I didn't get the bee balm ground yesterday so that is first on my list followed by cutting back the pineapple sage and then, the major project today, getting little cheese cloth tents on the strawberry plants so I can put them back on the fence.  That should foil those pesky Japanese beetles.  I can't do  that with the beans, which they also love, because they are too big and growing up (and over) the fence.

I imagine getting this info together was like going to the dentist.  After all do you think either states or companies really want anyone to know how much toxic shit they are "accidentally" spilling into our environment?  And the next question is: where did it all go?  I don't think they cleaned up all of it.

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