Sunday, July 21, 2013

Still Sunday. Effect of menu calorie counts. When consumers can't consume.

Much cooler, thank goodness.  We have been busy so far.  Since it is cool we are getting our laundry done.  We did some shopping because we were nearly out of milk.  One of the vendors at the city farm market had some nice blueberries.  We picked up five pounds.  They are now packaged in one cup lots  in the freezer.  Another had some nice tomatoes so we got a couple.  We were surprised to find what had been one of our favorite farm markets relocated to a new spot.  I am afraid it is no longer a favorite.  It is a ghost of its former self.  Not as much variety, not nearly the quality and overpriced.  Oh, well.  We did get six ears of corn and a couple of green tomatoes.  I got the spearmint out of the dehydrator and ground--finally.  The heat thoroughly sapped my energy and enthusiasm.  Didn't want to do anything.  In a bit I will go out and harvest some stevia for drying.

Let's see what is on the internet--if anything.  I didn't see much to comment on yesterday.

This story doesn't surprise me.  All I had to do was consider how we eat out.  First, we don't go to fast food places.  Second, it is a treat and we don't paying attention to the calories.  Those will be balanced by what we eat at home.  Third, if we go out for a full meal we are likely to bring half of it home because we simply can't eat it all in one sitting.  We eat the other half at home the next day.  Therefore, the calorie intake is spread over two days.  Fourth, since eating out is a treat, we don't do it often.  When I was working and eating out frequently, I was more concerned with getting something, anything quick so I could bet back to work within my allotted time.  In this respect, retiring was a good thing.

Balkinization presents an interesting piece on a theme that has recurred in our conversations here: what happens to a consumer economy when the consumer no longer has the income to fuel consumption.

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