Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sunny Saturday. Herb harvest. Garden update. Misc.

I have a full dehydrator that I need to empty shortly.  Four trays of hyssop and three of peppermint to grind.  Then it is time to start over again with the chocolate mint and grapefruit mint.  They need a trimming.  The tents on the strawberry plants on the fence appear to be working but I need to take them down to check and water.  Well, I got seven trays of chocolate mint harvested and drying.  Since that is the maximum capacity of my dehydrator I will leave the grapefruit mint till tomorrow.  I found a section of a stem with little roots starting so I will put it in a pot and see if I can get another chocolate mint plant to keep over winter.  I got two such stems from the peppermint yesterday and they are in pots now.  Two more huge hibiscus blooms have joined the first to for gorgeous display.  Glad you liked the pictures yesterday, Kay.  We had three little hummingbirds visiting this morning.  One actually settled on the perch ring on the feeder before she flitted around exploring the zinnias, cypress vine, and firefly begonia.  I think she also looked the squash and cucumber blossoms over well.  So far the new feeder is doing nicely--no leaks or drips.

I only read the first two entries of First Read but they were entertaining.  I admit I did not see Sharknado.  I have seen way too many lame scifi movies.  But the comparison between the movie and "our" legislative branch seems apt.  I wish I could turn it off or avoid it as easily as a made-for-TV movie whose makers main object is to see how bad their product could be.  I don't claim any ownership or relationship to those collections of idiots that prove the old saying: a committee (or any other decision making collective) is the only form of mammalian life with multiple legs and no brain.  As to the poll showing that half of the GOP voters are dissatisfied with the Repthuglicans in Congress--question: how do they feel about their own Repthuglican.  I have seen all too many of these polls and the key to understanding how the idiots keep getting re-elected is that most people might say they should throw out the bums--but not their own bum.  They like him/her fine.

What were the justifications for " concealed carry"?  Some people should not have guns--at all.  These two boys are adults only chronologically.  Somehow they survived to pass age 21.  As far as common sense goes they are still in diapers.

Mom's comment on this item:  I hope they were used.

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