Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4Th, Happy day after, Gardens, gov't snooping,

Hope you all have a nice holiday planned.  We are staying home.  Quite a difference from last year when we had a short stretch of 100+ temps within a longer stretch of 90+.  We had a downpour yesterday so I don't think I will have to water anything today--maybe tomorrow.  I plant to cut some herbs for drying today and trim some other plants.  The entire patio is quickly moving toward jungle status.  We found a cypress vine flower this morning.  I have also noticed that the bugs really don't like tansy.  None of the plants near it have any signs of bugs eating them while several away from it do.  I am making some tansy sun tea to spray elsewhere in the garden.

The government snooping saga continues.  Evidently these programs are long-standing.  Mom and I had a bit of a sarcastic laugh because she remembers when the one program was instituted--photographing all the mail going through the postal service.  Why sarcastic, you wonder?  Because it was sold as a means of tracing lost mail--no more lost checks or packages.  Right!!  Didn't work all that well given we each recall losing some of our letters over the years and they were never seen again.

A couple of blogger noted that the time around July 4th is light on news and blogging.  I guess they are right.

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