Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wet Wednesday. Best laid plans etc.

Well, the hibiscus is still in its original place.  I was going to move it after we came back from our grocery shopping.  We didn't have much to get so that would have (and was) quick.  However, we had an unscheduled errand that ate up time.  By the time we got back the clouds had moved in.  It merely threatened rain but didn't deliver.  However, my ambition disappeared.  It is wet outside now so I will put the gardening off till tomorrow.

When I read the headline on this article I sympathized with the traveler but thought s/he might have made a costly point.  However, the bags and contents could probably be replaced for just about what the fee was.  The article doesn't say how many bags or how heavy but does note how much the airlines net yearly on such fees.  Reminds me of the banks.

I have often described the discontent most Americans express with respect to our elected representatives as "throw the bums out but not my bum.  I like him/her."  Evidently the attitude extends to other political questions as shown in this piece.  I just love the selfish asininity expressed by the woman who said told two legislators to get rid of all of the tax deductions except those which benefited her.

My comment concerning a story last night on the news that the mortgage market as measured by home increasing house prices is heating up again especially cities like Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and Miami which had experienced a catastrophic drop in prices:  given the water needs of the first two and the power demands of the third I want absolutely nothing to do with any of those cities.  Without air-conditioning none of those cities are particularly comfortable during the summer and the recent rains have not alleviated the droughts very much for Vegas and Albuquerque.  Grist has some interesting before and after pictures to illustrate the problem.

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