Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome to August. Hibiscus moved.

Nice sunny morning today.  Yesterday was miserable and we got very little rain for the misery.  Neither of us really had much energy so we didn't get much done.  The cable TV and internet were down for about two hours so we did other things: another six inches of crochet on a table scarf, moved the hibiscus, got the rosemary plants watered.  I put the lavender plants out on the patio along with the lemon verbena.  They had been doing so well--until they didn't.  Then they went down hill very fast.  They may come back so I will leave them alone for now.  I have more clean-up and pruning to do but the big job is done.

This has been on the agenda for a while.  Uruguay is not the only country trying to get out of the "war on drugs."  It has been expensive, has disrupted societies, strained law enforcement, and the results have been totally unimpressive given the costs.  We definitely need to think outside the box on this.

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