Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunny Monday. Tomatoes, peppers, peppermint, pineapple sage.

Since we expect highs in the low 90s I have already been busy in the gardens.  Last night, after stewing some and putting more in big chef salads, I had three small slicing tomatoes left.  I now have a bowl slicers and a bowl of cherry tomatoes, and have marked a couple of the sauce tomatoes for possible picking tomorrow.  I have pineapple sage and peppermint in the dryer.  Summer is definitely on the wane though the forecast temperatures this week and next would argue with that notion.  The stewed tomatoes are in the pot in the fridge ready for me to package for freezing.  I have some pictures but haven't downloaded them yet.  I will post them soon.

Our society seems to be orgiastically enthusiastic about technology.  However, spending this amount of public money and several years on a futile effort to merge two huge and complicated systems.  Sometimes simple is better and the technology is not simple.  It is just expensive.

These boys seems to be very determined to get us more embroiled in this mess than we are now.  To date I have seen nothing that comes close to proving who used the "chemical" weapon.  Considering the myriad of competing and violent interests contending in Syria, maybe we should avoid the quicksand.

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